SuperFlex: Preduster/Breader

What is a SuperFlex?

The SuperFlex has the capability to be flexible and bring texture to your product. This Home Style Breader was designed for multiple functions to be performed in one machine. It is easily converted into a:

  • Flatbed
  • Drum
  • TripleFlip
  • HandToss

TripleFlip Insert           HandToss Insert           Drum Insert


Each mode is known to give your end-product a distinct look and appeal by applying a wide variety of pre-dusts, breadings, and crumbs with an automatically fed system.

The primary intent behind this machine and its functions is to: create an end-product with unique characteristics, eliminate redundant equipment, reduce the amount of changeover time, and reduce the amount of floor space used.

VersaCoat: Preduster/Breader

Why a VersaCoat?

The VersaCoat is known to apply a variety of different pre-dusts, breadings, and crumbs with an automatically fed system. The AcuFeeder, which is controlled by an ultrasonic sensor, insures that the correct amount of dry-ingredients is always in the machine. To give your product texture, the VersaCoat has a hard or soft compression rollers, and wire compression roller options. There are NO augers found within this machine, which means less jamming and breakdown for you. It is also hooded for dust control, which reduces cross contamination.

PankoPro: Specialty Breader

What can the PankoPro do for you?

The PankoPro was originally designed for True FRESH Panko. Being able to handle such a fragile breading, has taught us that the PankoPro is capable of achieving much more! We’ve tested sprinkles, corn flakes, shredded coconut, shoe-string potatoes, and rice crispy breadings with ABSOLUTE NO BREAKDOWN! This panko machine turned into a multi-functional breading machine that has been proven to give you a competitive advantage.

BatterPro: Batter/Tempura

What is a BatterPro ?

The BatterPro is an all-in-one batter/tempura applicator. You might ask yourself, “What does it mean by an ‘all-in-one batter/tempura applicator’?” Well the BatterPro is known to be able to handle batters or tempura’s but also:

  • Mix Ingredients with its speed controlled horizontal mixers. This eliminates the breakdown and shearing to the batter/tempura and allows you to achieve your desired consistency.
  • Chill Mixture by regulating the temperature of the batter/tempura. This system will determine when to add glycol to cool the mixture.
  • Measure & Control Viscosity with a built-in viscosity cup. This allows the BatterPro to measure the batter/tempura, interpret the data measured, and determine if dry mix or water should be added to meet the set viscosity of your recipe.
  • Apply Batter/Tempura to the product as it runs through the application tank, with a top-submerge and product belts acting as guides.
    This all-in-one functioning machine has proven to enhance the process and the production line by applying a consistent viscosity batter/tempura, eliminating redundant equipment and labor, decreasing dry-ingredient waste, and reducing the amount of downtime. The BatterPro is noted to give an ROI in less than 6 months.

BatterMixer: Batter/Tempura

Option 1: Horizontal

The horizontal BatterMixer can handle light or heavy batter and tempura. The horizontal mixing function does not shear the tempura or cause as many air bubbles. Ultimately this helps with the batter transfer between the mix tank and the application tank of the BatterApplicator, which uses a positive pump.

Option 2: Vertical

The vertical BatterMixer can only mix batter because the vertical mixers have been known to shear tempura. However, this mixer is known to handle thick viscosity with much ease. This machine uses centrifugal pump to aid in the transfer between the mix tank and the application tank.

BatterApplicator: Batter/Tempura

The BatterApplicator is known for its two application styles it can perform – submerge or waterfall options. These two options allow customers to customize their equipment to meet their process needs. Another function this machine offers is a centrifugal or positive pump. It all depends on the level of fluidity, your batter viscosity, and the speed of the process.